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We are a premium eco-conscious, plant-based skincare brand that promotes environmental sustainability while also providing the highest quality products for you to enjoy. This is the evolution of skincare. Welcome to the Picasso Skin family!

Learn about the Picasso Skin founders and read more to learn about our mission, products and what we stand for.

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Picasso Skin & Sustainability

We believe in doing things from the heart and doing them for the right reasons. At Picasso Skin we have a strong preference for using safe, plant-derived ingredients and selectively sourced botanicals of only the highest quality. Using innovative formulas and in-house botanical extractions, we bring you products created with love and passion. Additionally, through our partnership with EcoCart we are able to donate a portion of every sale to offset the carbon footprint associated with each order at no cost to you. This is the evolution of skincare and this is for you. Please join us as we defy the passage of time at Picasso Skin while also trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Click image below to learn more about who we are...

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I've been buying from this company for several months and my skin has never looked better...Love❤️


Houston, TX


Wow!!!! This company and their products are awesome! Today my order helped plant new trees. Easily 5 stars!


Washington, DC


"I love this company and I love their products!"


Phoenix, USA


"Was skeptical at first but now I'm not going anywhere else for my skincare needs. This is a best kept secret in the skincare world"


Hollywood, FL

For Those With Sensitive Skin
Sensitive Care

Our Sensitive Care collection is designed to be nourishing, restorative and easy going even on the most sensitive skin. Formulated to be gentle, these products blanket you in a complex of rich botanical extracts, skin conditioners and selectively picked ingredients known to resist external influences and pamper you leaving you feeling and looking refreshed. All of our Sensitive Care products are fragrance and color-free.

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Bulgarian Lavender Body Butter - 250ml/8fl ozHalf-Ball Konjac SpongeBulgarian Lavender Body Wash - 250ml/8 fl ozDesert Lotus Body Butter - 250ml/8 fl ozMandarin Shea Body Butter - 250ml/8 fl oz

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Body Collection Callout!

Sometimes we focus so much on our hands, face and eyes that we forget one of the most important parts - the body. Not at Picasso Skin! Click below to complete your skincare needs and pamper those often neglected areas with some love.

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